Ecohealth collaboration to halt

Chagas disease transmission

We collaborate to halt Chagas transmission


Our goal is to halt transmission of vector-borne disease.


We collaborate with people in rural communities of Central America to develop strategies to stop Chagas transmission using evidence-based, ecosystems approaches validated by mathematical modeling.

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About Us

We are a team of researchers with complementary expertise including: Medical Entomology, Engineering, Population Genetics/ Genomics, and Molecular Parasitology. We collaborate with graduate and undergraduate students, and technicians, to work together to eliminate Chagas transmission.

What is Chagas?

Chagas disease is the most costly parasitic disease in Latin America. Approximately 6 million people are infected with the Chagas parasite, and ~2 million will progress to life-threatening

heart disease.

Complex Problem

In some places there is high Chagas transmission, in others almost none. We are developing both computational and statistical models that will distinguish the differences and focus the control programs.


Get Involved

You can help collect bugs, donate to help pay for the research and house improvements. We also take on select undergraduates, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

Overall Approach


We use a multidisciplinary approach (genomics, sociological studies, ecology, and modeling) to develop spatially explicit models of vector-borne disease transmission, using Chagas disease as our model.