Vianney de Abrego, Lcda.
University of El Salvador

I'm a Molecular Biologist. I head up the field work and laboratory studies in El Salvador.

Silvia Andrade Justi, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Walter Reed Biosystematics Unit
Smithsonian Institution Museum Support Center

I am a biologist interested in the evolution of disease vectors. My research focuses on Triatominae and Anophelinae systematics and genomics and in studying how macro and microevolutionary events may correlate with Chagas disease and Malaria spread.

Concepción Zúniga Valeriano, MSc.
Chief of Research Unit, Ministry of Health, Honduras

I'm a medical doctor, formerly in charge of Chagas disease control for >20 years, currently working on building the research infrastructure of the Ministry of Health. I assist the project by providing specimens from Honduras.

Aihua Li, Ph.D.
Montclair State University, New Jersey

I'm a mathematician. I work on  developing new approaches to analyzing the data using graph theory.

Carla Alvarado
Ph.D. Student, University of Granada, Spain

I'm a Ph.D. candidate studying T. cruzi prevalence and strains found in dogs in Central America.

Bryan A. Ballif, Ph.D.

Department of Biology

University of Vermont

I am a cellular biochemist, developmental biologist and protein mass spectrometrist. In a complementary approach to DNA-based methods, I use protein mass spectrometry to identify the sources of blood meals taken by Chagas vectors.

Marianela Menes
Biologist, USAC

I am working with the researchers in El Salvador on morphometrics of the Chagas vectors.