Carlota Monroy, Ph.D. - Guatemala

I'm a Medical Entomologist with 40 years experience in Chagas Disease. I head up the field work and sociological investigations. I adapted the Ecohealth approach, the intervention we're testing, to halt Chagas disease transmission.

We come from several countries, speak diverse languages, have different backgrounds, expertise, experience and ages, and all share the common goal of halting Chagas transmission. We collaborate by organizing our data so it is available to all, communicating frequently (monthly online and annually in person), and sharing our students between our labs and the field. Our collaboration is based on equality, mutual respect and trust developed over years of working together: Patricia and Carlota since 1996, Lori and Donna since 1998, and Sara joined in 2012.

Lori Stevens, Ph.D. - Vermont

I'm a Parasite Ecologist and Population Geneticist. I work on the population structure of the parasite and insect vector at the landscape scale and parasite virulence.

Patricia Dorn, Ph.D. - New Orleans

I'm a molecular parasitologist. I work on the strains of the parasite and the phylogenetics of the insect vector.

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Sara Helms-Cahan, Ph.D. - Vermont

I'm an evolutionary biologist. I work on understanding the population structure at multiple biological scales using genomic approaches.

Donna Rizzo, Ph.D. - Vermont

I'm an engineer. I develop computational tools to tackle the challenges associated with predicting transmission risk.


Principal Investigators

Sergio Melgar, Ph.D. -

I am a geneticist, working on the genetic differentiation of Triatoma dimidiata in Guatemala and El Salvador.

Leslie Morrisey*, Ph.D. - Vermont (Emeritus)

I'm an expert in GIS. I've recently retired but previously I applied advanced remote sensing, image processing, and GIS to environmental issues.