Post-doctoral Fellows & Graduate Students

Trainees gain a holistic understanding of how to combat vector-borne disease. They receive multidisciplinary training in fieldwork, GIS, molecular biology, parasitology, genomics and modeling.

Building the human capital infrastructure in endemic countries is another major goal of our work.

This multidisciplinary preparation has launched students off to many interesting and productive careers.

Raquel Lima
Ph.D. Student
University of Vermont

I'm a biologist working on the genomics and proteomics of Trypanosoma cruzi virulence factors in Central America.

Judith Keller
Ph.D. Candidate
University of Vermont

My dissertation work focuses on applying proteomic-based mass spectrometry techniques to identify host blood meals in Chagas disease insect vectors. 

Project alumni

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dulce Bustamante

Silvia Justi


Graduate Students
David Lucero, Heather Axen, Joseph Gallant, Nikos Fytilis, 
Elizabeth Solórzano, Lucia Orantes, John Hanley